Back Pain solutions

How can we speak as accurately as possible about our back pain?

Lower back pain is one of the main reasons for consulting at the office and it is a real social phenomenon.
Barely past the age of 40, sometimes even earlier than that, the back starts to scream in pain!
Why this call from the body in the middle of life?
As children, we climbed trees with our friends and fell off our bikes without too many questions being asked. These multiple traumas from our young lives impact the growth of the back and the cartilage.
A little later on in our lives, a young woman will become pregnant, give birth, and a mature man will start to get some abdominal curves. This weight gain may seem harmless to the back but is a cause of tension on the column and perineum.
Our sedentary societies to the rhythms of office life do not promote back muscle relaxation.
And what about our young school children that sit for hours at school on uncomfortable, absolutely non-ergonomic chairs, not to mention the indecent weight of the schoolbags they have to carry on their shoulders every day.

After several years, this results in the intervertebral discs being very tired, dehydrated, and are no longer able to absorb the shocks and tensions that the spine has undergone. The natural phenomenon of aging of the bone, which deforms, forms osteoarthritis, finishes subtly rusting our joint mobility, and irritating our nerves. Herniated discs, lumbago are becoming classic pathologies of the forties.
We must also not forget about the mental factor of lower back pain.
We even use expressions such as “to have your back” or ” to no longer have the strength to carry on” in our daily lives.
The dazzling blockages of the back often happen after big psychological shocks and stress, such as a death, a dismissal, or even a sentimental breakdown.
So what to do about this constraining pathology? I would say it’s never too late to take care of your back and understand why it hurts! Depending on your history and your body type, therapeutic support can be lifesaving.
A group of professionals working smartly together can bring you some relief in everyday life and your sports practices.
It is essential to keep moving and vital to breathe and stretch correctly to release your body and the tensions.
Your lifestyle plays an essential part in your health, as does diet and sleep.
Of course, you have to learn from childhood to be attentive. A crucial example is noticing early scoliosis, especially before a young girl’s menstrual cycle is. Avoid carrying heavy loads and adapt your posture to work according to your morphology.
And as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”!

I invite you to take a look at a new video posted onto the Youtube channel myfrenchosteo:
“How to relax your back at home with 2 tennis balls.”

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