What is « Fascias »

Our fascia is a web-like tissue wich surrounds and guides our muscle pathways, determines the quality of our movements, and even affect our immune and hormonol systems.

This tissue made of collagene  is present in all our body.

A french surgeon has recently managed to capture some amazing footages of  the fascias in live.

Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau is a hand surgeon and the author of the famous film Strolling Under the Skin. The film shows for the first time the most fascinating images of the living fascia. Using a special endoscopic camera, Dr. Guimberteau showed that there is a unique architectural system in human and that the tissue continuity is global.

His work  brings then a new perspective of our inner body for all body workers.

The fascia is acting like a guide for the therapeut hands, in search to realese body tensions.


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