The diaphragm

The Diaphragm

We have a magical muscle located in the center of your body called diaphram.

He is your main breathing muscle, working by himself 20 000 times a day, night and day, whether you are conscious or sleeping…

A  relaxed diaphragm will help you to breathe deeper and will free your rib cage mouvements. Massaging your viscerals at each breath he will boost also your immune system.

A long time ago  expert yogis or free divers have discover the importance and the secrets of this muscle in their activities. Improving their mental strengh or their breathing skills, they are now consider as master in the diaphragm expertise.

Getting to know this essential muscle you will also be able to prevent back issues, or digesting problem. You will also be suprised of its benefits to decrease stress , anxiety and also impove your sleep.

At the practice we can release its tensions, specially after an emotional shock or sports traumas. It is also a muscle that we treat for esophagus reflux.

Learning how to breathe properly, deeply , it is freeing your diaphragm.

You can also work on it by yourself daily. How ?

First being aware of him, of its location in your body and how it works.

Here is a 3D link to discover him :

Shaped like a paraglide , he is inflating and defalting while you inhale and exhale.

He is located behing your ribcage on each sides taking a large space in your thorax.

His tendinous center is just behing your sternum (solar plexus). Another muscular part is attached to your spine on your L2 & L3 lombars vertebrae.

Above him on the left your heart is almost resting on him, with both of your lungs on each side.

Under his right cupola right  is your leaver and under the left  cupola is your stomac.

Even more incredible your esophagus is crossing your diaphragm such as your vena cava,  and vagus nerve.

You can work on it by a simple massage, i invite you to discover a Youtube video on Myfrenchosteo Youtube channel :

Enjoy and free your diaphragm !

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