The Latissimus dorsi

The Latissimus Dorsi

What in common does the surfer, the rock climber, the gardener, and the handyman have?

One essential muscle of the human body, the Latissimus dorsi!

In all their specific activities, they are using it while working or exercising.

The « lat » is the biggest muscle in the upper body, from the middle of your back down to your tail bone and sacrum. It is also attached to the front of your arm at your humerus bone.

Paddling for the wave of your life as graceful as Kelly Slater, or joyfully gardening thinking of the future veggies in your plate…this is the muscle that you are using with all your strength.

Your house needed repainting, on awaking in the morning, you discover your back is completely locked, this may be the Latissimus Dorsi bothering you.

I can hear you saying: How can that be possible?

Well, I invite you to discover this area in your body through following short, 3D videos.


How does it works? :

The two following images will show you two postures to stretch the « lat »  on a mat.

For more information, watch the surfer stretch video on myfrenchosteo YouTube Channel!

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